After Midnight

After Midnight
195 Shots
120 Seconds
25m Safe distance
Firing pattern: Vertical and fan effect
Noise Level (1-5): 8
Powder Weight: 196g

After Midnight is a 195 shot Single Ignition firework by Black Cat Fireworks. After Midnight boasts a wide variety of effects with a long duration and high shot count. Effects include purple starbursts with green glitter, purple comet and white glitter mine and bursts of white glitter with crackle. After Midnight has a stunning finale of red, green and crackle wave bursts ending with a cluster of chrysanthemum and brocade bursts finishing with a multitude of crackle. 


Shots: 195
Time: 120 seconds
Safety Distance: 25 metres
Classified: 1.4g
Brand: Black Cat Fireworks